• Psychological and Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Individual Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents, & Adults
  • Family Therapy Marital Therapy
  • Group Therapy for Children, Adolescents, & Adults
  • Children, Parenting Counseling Training
  • Psychiatric Medication Monitoring




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PARTNERS Extension # Email
Barry Helfmann, Psy. D. 221 blh.shacp@gmail.com
Elissa Savrin, Ph. D. 225 es.shacp@gmail.com
Terence Kearse, Ph. D. 224 tk.shacp@gmail.com
Aynn Hartman, Ph. D. 222 ah.shacp@gmail.com
ASSOCIATES Extension # Email
Sarah Southwick Amador , Ph. D 229 ssa.shacp@gmail.com
Jessica Auth , Ph. D 253 ja.shacp@gmail.com
Carla D'Aiello, Psy. D 247 cd.shacp@gmail.com
Mathew Hirsch, Psy. D 233 mh.shacp@gmail.com
Stuart Isralowitz, Ph. D 223 sai.shacp@gmail.com
Nancy Melendez, Ed. D  256 nbm.shacp@gmail.com
Nataliya Osmanova, MD   239  
Rachael Power, MD 230  
Melissa Scherzer, Psy. D 249 ms.shacp@gmail.com
AFFILIATES Extension # Email
Gail Schrimmer, Ph. D 227 gs.shacp@gmail.com
Linda Ucko Leiby, LCSW 231 lul.shacp@gmail.com
OFFICE STAFF Extension #
Antoniewicz, Jennifer 251
Muratore, Audrey 232
Front Desk 220